Heroes are overrated—pompous, overbearing blowhards who never even bother carrying their own stuff. 

That's where you come in. You're a squire to a knight, following behind the trail of monster carcasses he leaves in his wake, carrying his equipment and collecting new weapons you find as you traipse through a dungeon. But that's not all: you're also responsible for preparing his loadouts for each beast he has to face! Pack his weapons, armor, accessories, and potions as tightly as you can, but be careful to consider what items are best suited for the battle at hand! Succeed and proceed to the next room; fail, and...well, that's not really your problem, don't think about it too hard. He was kind of a turd anyways. 

How to Play

You have a 60 second time limit to run around and collect items for your next battle! (Movement - WASD).

Place items in your bag as you pick them up (Pickup - Space Bar) and drop them as needed if your bag is full (Drag & Drop - Mouse). Once the time limit is up, all the items on the ground disappear, but take all the time you need to customize your load out and pick what you think will work best. (Open/Close Bag - E).

Talk to the hero (Space Bar) when you're done and see if he lives or dies!

You can change your key bindings and volume in the pause menu (Esc).

WARNING: changing your key binds will reset the game to the beginning!


Drag & Drop Items - Mouse 

Movement - WASD 

Pickup Items & Talk to Hero - Space Bar 

Open/Close Bag - E


Art by D4yz [Jerico Landry] 

Programming by Steven (@Steaf321)

Music and SFX by Zachary Pinkham (

SPECIAL THANKS to Dmitry Barbashin for letting us use his concept art!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsZachary Pinkham, D4yz, Steven
Tagsdungeon, Fantasy, glitch, Godot, knight, Pixel Art, squire, swing

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