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It’s your first day at the the wizard academy! You passed the entrance exam with flying colors and got placed in AP Freeze-ology. Now you finally get to start casting spells, but OOPS, you lost control and accidentally froze your homeroom AND one of your classmates! Now it’s up to you to solve this puzzle of your own making and free your pal from their hypothermic prison. Push them to the pressure plate to warm them up, but be careful of the floor—did you know ice is slippery?

Note on the theme of the jam: Our original plan for the game involved first rescuing this student, then having the two wizards work together to solve a larger puzzle, which would have fulfilled the theme of “We rise by lifting others”. We were unable to complete a second level, leaving the theme unrealized.


Movement - WASD

Retry - Hold R


Character Animations by Ares R.

Environmental Art by Tukk (https://www.instagram.com/tukktot)

Programming by Ryan Vazquez (http://vazgriz.com)

Menu Programmed by Johanne (https://joantoine.itch.io/)

Puzzle Design by DevSundae (https://twitter.com/devsundae)

Sound Design by Saad Memon (https://www.saadmemon.com)

Music by Zachary Pinkham (https://www.zacharypinkham.com)


BlizzardWizard_Build5.zip 61 MB

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